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Pierre BODU with the cooperation of Fabrice RIGAULT

A New Look at an Important Lithic Corpus



The Magdalenian is doubtlessly the best-known period of the Upper Palaeolithic in Île-de-France, with major sites such as Pincevent in Seine-et-Marne, and Les Tarterets and Étiolles in the Essonne. In addition, less well-known sites or chance finds allow us to complete the map of the Magdalenian in this vast region. Studied by B. Schmider in the 1970s, the site of Lumigny (Seine-et-Marne) is part of this minor but nevertheless important data set. The recent acquisition by the Museum of Nemours of the lithics from the site collected by A. Wateau, has led to additional observations and analysis and confirmation that the site is Magdalenian. Given the extremely important blade component of this collection and the quality of the silicious raw material, we propose hypotheses regarding the function of the site and ultimately its relationship with other Magdalenian sites in Île-de-France.



DRAC Ile-de-France Inrap Conseil départemental du Val-de-Marne SAI 78/92    Seine-Saint-Denis    Seine-et-Marne

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